• Rustic Dime x Make Nice Citizen Mask
These limited edition Rustic Dime x Make Nice tie dye masks were crafted with love, safely at home @makenicedesign

All masks are unique and one of a kind and can vary in design and color

+Tie dyed using Fiber Reactive Dye
+This mask has been washed but color can still bleed, we recommend hand washing till color does not bleed
+100% Cotton with 100% Cotton Lining 
+Made in USA 
+Final Sale/No Refunds/No Exchanges 
+All masks are not eligible for the Rustic Dime free shipping and returns program
These masks are for our community- for quick trips to the grocery store, neighborhood strolls- you get the idea

These masks are not N95, surgical/medical grade and not FDA approved. There is no slot to put in a filter, however if you want to add a filter inside, you can get creative and do so. Our preferred method of washing and drying is to hand wash with a gentle soap and to hang dry however if you want to throw them in the wash, feel free to do so

The best option you can do right now to protect yourself, your family and community is to #stayhome. Be Smart. Be Safe. #onemaskatatime

Orders will ship 2-3 days from your purchase date. Thank you for your patience. 
$ 10.00